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10K Edwardian Repousse Heart Padlock Pendant with Original Key (Actual Lock)

A sweet Edwardian c.1901-1910 heart padlock, decorated with lovely swirls and repousse detailing in 10k gold. The padlock opens with its original key, which at a turn, releases the padlock catch. There are two types of antique padlocks: Those that require a key, and those that do not require a key (push to release).

This particular piece functions as an actual lock. You may use this fancy heart padlock as a lock to secure your handbag, cosmetic case, valuables etc.

Additionally, it can also be used as a clasp, or a pendant. It is great that the padlock comes with its original key, as only the key can open the padlock. The key however is not 10k gold, but gold gilt.

The back of the heart is engraved with "MPD" "-> to <-" "ER".

It measures 16.5mm x 23mm with handle, and the actual heart is 16.5mm x 18mm, and weighs 3.2 grams.

Note: When inserting the key, turn clockwise, the handle lock will release. You may find that you are unable to pull the key out when the key is at that position. To remove the key, turn the key counter-clockwise to its original position (when you first inserted it in), and pull the key out. To lock, push the handle firmly down.

Era - Edwardian c.1901-1910
Materials - 10k gold
Measurements - With Handle: 16.5mm x 23mm / Heart: 16.5mm x 18mm


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