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12K Scottish Hairwork Mourning Memorial Brooch - Mary Milnes c.1849 (With Provenance)

A fine piece of Scottish Victorian history, with provenance detailing the 5 names and family mentioned in engravings on the back of this precious brooch. It is a mourning memorial hairwork brooch, engraved, "From Crighton, Mary, Frederick..." "And Henry Rait", "To Aunt Mary Milnes, 12th November 1849". This was a family of jewellers from Scotland, and it is seen in the exceptional workmanship in the construction of this brooch. With the brooch, comes with census records spanning over 3 decades, as well as burial information. It very delicately details the full names, occupations, birth and passing dates of family members. The family head, David Rait, is also buried in the Glasgow Necropolis grounds, we will provide a picture and printed information of this with the purchase.

The memorial mourning hairwork features hair displayed in a 'Prince of Wales' style, with beautiful coiling and swirls. Additionally, the hairwork has 2 seed pearls, which represents tears from the eyes.

This is a very beautiful and treasured piece of history that is completed with provenance and history offered at a great price.

Era - Victorian c.1849 dated
Materials - 12k gold / Pearl / Mother of Pearl / Hairwork / Gold wire
Measurements - 40mm x 33mm height


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