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14K Georgian Engraved Hidden Compartment Poison Ring

A beautiful and rare Georgian c.1820-1830 poison ring, modelled in 14k gold.

The ring has detailed engravings of floral work on the central plaque of the ring, along with the shoulders that resemble infinity or pretzel knots.

On the reverse, holds a surprise hidden compartment that can be opened and closed. There is a small pin hole mark at the opening of the compartment, which allows you to use a needle or sharp end of a brooch pin to "lift" up the hidden compartment. It opens and closes shut smoothly and with ease.

This secret hidden compartment gives this ring its name; poison ring - an important and rare part of history. The ring face measures 9.3mm x 8.5mm height, and weighs 1.75 grams. It is in excellent condition.

The ring would make a perfect component for ring stacking, due to its elongated and plateau shape on top. It would look fabulous paired with a Georgian five band ring for example.

It is a US 7 and sizable.

Era - Georgian c.1820-1830
Materials - 14k gold
Measurements - Ring Face: 9.3mm x 8.5mm height
Size - US 7 and sizable
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