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14K Georgian Flower Enamel Poison Ring

A very rare Georgian c.1820-1830 poison ring, decorated in 14k gold and colourful enamel floral work.

The enamel is in very good condition given its age, and opens up to reveal a secret compartment. It is hallmarked '585' and is European in origin. Sourced from Germany.

Such poison rings with enamel work are rare, and this piece is exceptionally beautiful. The ring face measures 8mm x 10.5mm height, and weighs 4.15 grams.

Although it is named poison ring, it can be used to store mementos like a small fabric with perfume, photos of loved ones, or even a small lock of hair from a person or pet.

The locket door opens and closes well with no gaps.

It is a US 8.75 and sizable.

Era - Georgian c.1820-1830
Materials - 14k gold / Enamel
Measurements - Ring Face: 8mm x 10.5mm height
Size - US 8.75 and sizable
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