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14K Georgian Grisaille Double Portrait Miniature Pendant

A beautiful Georgian c.1830 grisaille double portrait pendant. They feature a couple's (gentleman and lady) side profiles. The lady wears a bonnet with a bow with tight curled fringe, typical of the c.1830 Georgian Regency period.

Grisaille (black & white monochrome) portraits give a form of classicism and simplicity that encapsulates the subjects through the centuries.

The frame is in 14k gold.

It measures 44mm x 61mm with bail, and 44mm x 52mm without bail, and weighs 29.14 grams.

It is in beautiful, gorgeous condition that is a medium to large size.

Era - Georgian c.1830
Materials - 14k gold
Measurements - 44mm x 61mm with bail, 44mm x 52mm without bail


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