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14K German Victorian Diamond Halleys Comet Shooting Star Brooch

An exquisite sparkling German Victorian c.1890-1900 diamond Halley's comet shooting star brooch, crafted in 14k gold and hallmarked.

It is set with chunky old mine cut diamonds in the center row and center of the star, and equally chunky rose cut diamonds on the edges, approx. 2.58ctw by spread. The diamonds are all of excellent quality and are open-backed to allow for more light to pass through for an even brighter sparkle.

It is hallmarked 585 on the brooch pin for 14k gold and sourced from Germany. The brooch opens and closes well and comes with all original stones and components.

This is a very fine and rare example of a Victorian era Halley's comet shooting star brooch and is in pristine excellent condition.

It measures 48.3mm x 15.9mm height and weighs 7.87 grams.

Halley's Comet In Antique Jewellery
"Both the Georgians and Victorians had an affinity for symbolism and meaning, and created jewellery to represent important life experiences, such as birth, the first glow of love, betrothal, and mourning or death. In both time periods, significant events such as Halley’s Comet sightings, also inspired commemorative jewellery pieces.

Halley’s Comet was named after Sir Edmund Halley, the royal astronomer. He formed a view that all of the sightings between 1531 and 1682 were actually one single comet, which circled the sun every 75-76 years. Halley predicted that it would return again in 1759 and, when it did, it received its name. The next sighting was in 1835 and, soon after, Georgian jewellers began creating Halley’s Comet pins, which were influenced by the shape of the comet - as it approached the sun, it heated up and produced a tail that streaks away from the comet's head.

During the Victorian era, Halley’s Comet pins remained popular, due in part to the Victorians love of astronomy and celestial motifs - including shooting stars and all styles of crescent moons." - The entire above excerpt is provided by The Jewellery Editor. Click here for the page written by Beth Bernstein for The Jewellery Editor about Halley's Comet inspired antique jewellery.

Era - Victorian c.1890-1900
Materials - 14k gold / Old Mine Cut Diamond / Rose Cut Diamond
Carat Weight - Diamond: 2.58ctw by spread
Measurements - 48.3mm x 15.9mm height

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