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14K German Victorian Onyx Noble Family Crest Coronet Monogram EJB Locket

A rare German Aristocrat noble family crest - coat of arms intaglio carved on an onyx from the Victorian era c.1860. The reverse features a 7 point coronet representing the title of "Baron" - German-language title, "Freiherr", along with the engraved monogram “EJB”.  A Baron coronet is called a "Freiherrnkrone" in German.

It is in excellent condition, with the interior retaining its double sided bezel inserts, along with the original glass panels. As most glass panels are often lost or damaged/broken with time, it is always delightful to find pieces like this that retain all original components.

The carved intaglio featuring the family crest of nobility can also be used as a wax seal. It depicts swords and weapons to the left, and a lion atop wielding a sword, resting on knight's helm, with a crest of horseshoe and arrows, all supported by the cross beneath. The armoured knight stands to the right steadfast with an axe.

There is overwelming symbolism in the representation of this family crest:

  • Sword - Power, justice, dignity
  • Lion - Majestic, nobility, courage
  • Horseshoe - Luck, protection
  • Arrows - Strength, sense of direction
  • Cross - Divinity, spiritualism
  • Knight & Axe - Sense of duty, honour

The locket opens and closes perfectly, and measures 20mm x 35mm with bail, and 20mm x 26mm without bail. It weighs 11.26 grams.

It is an important and wonderful piece of history with historical significance, and would make a wonderful addition to a collection.

Note: See the attached page of a “Freiheirrenkrone” (Baron coronet) taken from Source: Frank-Döfering, Peter (ed.) - Adelslexikon des Österreichischen Kaisertums 1804-1918, Vienna 1989) 

Era - Victorian c.1860
Materials - 14k gold / Onyx
Measurements - 20mm x 35mm with bail, and 20mm x 26mm without bail


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