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14K & Silver Belgian Georgian Diamond Flemish Heart Pendant


A gorgeous Belgian Georgian c.1810-1830 Flemish heart pendant, crafted in silver with a thin layer of 14k gold wash in contrasting areas, hallmarked.

The design is known as the Flemish Heart, and they were also known as 'Vlaams Hart' - Dutch for Flemish Heart, made popular and fashionable throughout the 19th century due to their rich symbolism and were traditionally given as gifts from children to their Mother on her birthday. This particular design has an open-work filigree crown on the top, suspending a dangling heart, and is a fine testament to Belgian craftsmanship.

A similar piece is part of the Victoria & Albert Museum collection observed here.

There is a thin layer of 14k gold wash on the bottom base of the filigree crown, as well as the border around the heart. This is original to the piece, and typically done to emphasise the contrasting differences in the piece and to further bring out the beauty of it.

It is set with lovely foiled rose cut diamonds approx. 1.36ctw by spread. They provide a soft and lovely sparkle with an old charm. It comes with its original Georgian silver split ring as a bail.

It is hallmarked on the bail with assay marks as well as maker's marks and is Belgian in origin, offered in excellent condition with all original components. It would be a wonderful addition to any jewellery lover's collection.

It measures 39mm x 64mm with bail, 39mm x 60mm without bail, and weighs 17.54 grams.

Symbolism of Flemish Heart
"A type of jewellery known as the Flemish heart consists of a heart-shaped part with a diamond at the centre, surmounted by a trophy, which can take the form of a crown or – as here – a trophy consisting of a burning torch, a quiver and a bow. The trophy refers to the attributes of the god of love Cupid and symbolizes the victory of love.

Variations consisting of both trophy and crown are few and far between. According to some jewellery historians, the central diamond is the symbol of the heart of Mary herself. Flemish hearts are among the most widespread items of Flemish jewellery and most frequently found in family jewellery boxes. At the end of the eighteenth and the beginning of the nineteenth centuries there was a tradition of children giving their mother a Flemish heart on her birthday or on Mothering Sunday. This tradition spread widely from Antwerp all over the Southern Netherlands." - The entire above excerpt is provided by DIVA, museum for diamonds, jewellery and silver in Antwerp. Click here for the page written by DIVA museum about Flemish Heart jewellery in the 19th century.

Note: Please note that as the diamonds are foiled, it is advisable that the piece does not get wet or exposed to water. It can be gently cleaned by wiping it down with a wrung out damp cloth.

Era - Georgian c.1810-1830
Materials - 14k gold and silver / Rose Cut Diamond
Carat Weight - Diamond: 1.36ctw by spread
Measurements - 39mm x 64mm with bail, 39mm x 60mm without bail


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