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Sold on Layaway | 14K & Silver Dutch Victorian Diamond & Ruby Monogram JS/SJ Brooch


An outstanding Dutch c.1870-1880 monogram "JS" or "SJ" brooch set with rose cut diamonds & rubies and crafted in 14k gold topped silver, hallmarked.

The brooch features an intricate design of the monogram, with flowers and swirls in an artistic rendering. The 'S' initial is set with sparkly rose cut diamonds approx. 3.95ct by spread. The other initial 'J' is set with rubies 4.22ct, with a total weight of 8.17ctw. They are closed back and do not appear to be foiled. All stones are present with no missing stones.

It has an otherworldly presence and it is just a wonder to behold and look at. It is easy to get lost and mesmerized by its design and a wonderful example of expert Dutch craftsmanship of the Victorian era.

An interesting feature about this piece is that the brooch pin hides behind perfectly so that a chain can be threaded through the brooch pin (see picture gallery for 360 degree video example), and that it can also be worn as a pendant without the need for conversion. This allows the piece to be worn as both a brooch or pendant.

We also love how the three prongs at the base of the initial ‘J’ resembles a trident, and the swirls of the initial 'S' articulates ocean waves and splashes of water. It is truly a versatile and artistic piece with a very well thought-out and masterfully executed design.

It is hallmarked with Dutch assay marks on the brooch pin as well as maker's mark on reverse.

The brooch pin opens and closes well, and it comes with its original lever clasp for added security.

It measures a large size 26.2mm x 70.9mm height, and weighs 13.44 grams.

We have included 2 videos for your viewing pleasure:

  • 360 degree
  • 45 degree

Era - Victorian c.1870-1880
Materials - 14k gold and silver / Rose Cut Diamond / Ruby
Carat Weight - Diamond: 3.95ct by spread / Ruby: 4.22ct / Total weight: 8.17ctw
Measurements - 26.2mm x 70.9mm height



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