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Sold on Layaway | 14K & Silver Victorian Diamond & Emerald Winged Heart Pendant


A rare and exquisite Victorian c.1880-1890 winged heart brooch, modelled in 14k & silver, and set with glistening rose cut diamonds and a pair of pear shaped emeralds.

The winged heart is an incredible motif filled with the sentiments of rich Victorian era symbolism. The emeralds each shaped like a human heart, coming together as one, forming a more romantic heart motif. The heart is further nestled between wings, in the form of love taking flight - A new journey, a new life, new beginnings.

It is a precious opportunity that these diamond winged heart pieces are to surface, with the majority in the market set with seed pearls. Winged heart brooches set with precious gemstones and diamonds are highly sought after and are not often relinquished from collectors' personal collections.

The diamonds are closed-back and foiled, a fine example of antique foiling techniques. Although they are rose cut diamonds, they appear to be chunky old mine cut diamonds because of their foiled back, which appear bright and clear, which is remarkable for its age. The diamonds are approx. 1.38ct by spread, emeralds 0.76ct, with a total weight 2.14ctw.

It was a brooch that has been expertly converted into a wearable pendant.

It measures 44mm x 20mm with bail, 44mm x 14mm without bail, and weighs 5.16 grams.

We have included 2 videos for your viewing pleasure:

  • 360 degree
  • 45 degree

Era - Victorian c.1880-1890
Materials - 14k gold and silver / Rose Cut Diamond / Emerald
Carat Weight - Diamond: 1.38ct by spread / Emerald: 0.76ct / Total weight: 2.14ctw
Measurements - 44mm x 20mm with bail, 44mm x 14mm without bail


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