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15K Georgian Initial M/W - Mary Walker Pearl Hairwork Mourning Ring with Inscription c.1798

A rare and precious Georgian c.1798 mourning memorial ring, crafted in 15k (15ct) gold and engraved with “Mary Walker ob. 6 Jan 1798. At 78.”

The front has a double initial "M" or "W", due to Mary Walker’s name, which can be flipped around to be either a M or W since it bears both initials.

A halo of natural pearls outline the outside of the ring, and another interior halo of tiny seed pearls line inside the crystal dome cover. The plaited hair is also protected under the thick crystal dome glass with the initial.

It is a US 4.75 and sizable.

This is a rare example of Georgian mourning jewellery and it is in amazing condition with all original components.

Era - Georgian c.1798 dated
Materials - 15k gold / Pearl / Bristol Blue Glass / Hairwork
Measurements - Ring Face: 19mm mm x 21mm height
Size - US 4.75 and sizable
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