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15K & Silver Georgian Diamond & Pearl Red Enamel Portrait Pendant

A Georgian c.1820 miniature portrait with the most gorgeous red guilloche enamel bordering, suspending from a bow. The bow features a pinched collet setting with rose cut diamond approx. 0.50ctw by spread.

The portrait is surround by a halo pearls that are in excellent condition. The lady painted in the portrait is seen wearing a lacey pink dress, with matching pink silk ribbons in her hair with pearls. This portrait piece is no doubt a commissioned piece, as the pearls in the frame matches the pearls in the pearls worn in the portrait so well, complete with the diamond set in the middle with the matching diamond brooch the lady is wearing.

A pendant bail has been added to the top of the bow, so that it can be worn as a pendant. It measures 37mm x 68mm with bail, and 37mm x 60mm without bail.

Note: The pendant came to us with the enamel on the tips of the bow worn off, and there was dirt and gunk underneath the glass. We have since restored the enamel of the piece masterfully and beautifully, and cleaned all of the dirt underneath the glass. It is now in great condition and ready to be worn. No pearls missing, all are intact.

Era - Georgian c.1820
Materials - 15k gold and silver / Rose Cut Diamond / Pearl / Enamel
Carat Weight - Diamond: 0.50ctw
Measurements - 37mm x 68mm with bail, 37mm x 60mm without bail

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