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15K Victorian Pheasant Pendant

Have you ever seen a pheasant run? They run with such dexterity and spirit despite their wobbly looking body and tiny feet, it’s really quite adorable!

Over time I’ve grown to love spotting them amongst the fields and when they do catch a glimpse of you, off they go, sprinting into the nearest cover! Always bringing giggles and smiles.

This ultra realistic pheasant is no exception, crafted to the highest details. The pheasant is crafted in 15k (15ct) gold of the late-Victorian era c.1890-1900, and would make a fabulous addition to my fellow country-farm animal lovers. It is 3D all around.

As a pendant, it measures 22.8mm x 14.5mm with bail, 22.8mm x 10.6mm without bail, and weighs 2.13 grams.

Custom Project
This piece is a custom project where it will be transformed into a wearable pendant from a stick pin.

Era - Victorian c.1890-1900
Materials - 15k gold
Measurements22.8mm x 14.5mm with bail, 22.8mm x 10.6mm without bail


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