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15K Victorian Ruby & Pearl Crescent Pendant

A gorgeous Victorian c.1880-1890 ruby and pearl crescent, modelled in 15k (15ct) gold.

It is a beautiful crescent with a captivating design, with double rows of pearls alternated with rubies, approx. 0.50ctw. What is unique about this crescent is that it’s side profile features a pieced gallery that resembles little hearts or crowns, and it is not just on the outer edge of the crescent, but the inner edge of the crescent has it too - which is special, as most crescents with a pierced gallery side profile usually only has it on the outer edge.

The pearls and rubies are all original to the piece with no replacements. It is in excellent condition and the pearls have a lovely sheen and lustre to them.

The beautiful crescent was a brooch that has been masterfully converted into a wearable pendant. It would be a wonderful pendant to be worn on its own or layered with other charms.

It measures 28mm across, and weighs 6.99 grams.

Era - Victorian c.1880-1890
Materials - 15k gold / Ruby / Pearl
Carat Weight - Ruby: 0.50ctw
Measurements - 28mm across without bail 

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