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18K French Victorian Diamond & Amethyst Initial A/V Ring

A French Napoleon III Victorian c.1870 amethyst initial "A" or "V" crafted in 18k gold. It is hallmarked with the French eagle head on the outer side of the band. It is always a delight to find these initial rings in such a good condition.

The "A"/"V" is set with rose cut diamonds totalling 0.20ctw, and the ring face measures 10 x 12mm height.

The band is engraved with "... à ..." (rubbed off engravings) & "22 Juin 19";
For "... to ..." & "22 June 1919".

Upon closer inspection, we know that the band is a later replacement in the 1910s, as there is a groove mark in the middle of the amethyst all around. This would imply that originally, the amethyst with initial might have been a fob or seal, and then made into a ring later.

The replacement setting is still however done in the early 1900s, so it is not a modern replacement.

Given that the replacement setting was made almost 50 years after the amethyst (c.1870 and reset in c.1919), and is engraved with "... to ..." words & a date mark, this was most likely an heirloom piece passed down from a family member, and then reset and given as a gift to a loved one.

It is a US 6.75 and sizable. It is a gorgeous ring that is in excellent condition.

Era - Victorian c.1870
Materials - 18k gold / Amethyst / Rose Cut Diamond
Carat Weight - Diamond: 0.20ctw by spread
Measurements - Ring Face: 10mm x 12mm height
Size - US 6.75 and sizable
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