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18K French Victorian Diamond Onyx Initial B Locket

A French Napoleon III, Victorian c.1870-1880, "B" initial locket set with rose cut diamonds. It was originally set with some missing seed pearls, and have been changed to all rose cut diamonds with an amazing sparkle.

The gorgeous locket comes with an ornate frame, original to the piece. It is rare to find French onyx lockets in initials as these are highly collectible and sought after.

The interior of the locket houses an original glass door, which opens and closes well. It can be used to store mementos, flower petals, photographs etc.

The locket opens and closes well, although it must be mentioned that due to its age, there is some care that must be taken when trying to close the locket. This locket can be snapped shut by pressing firmly on the bottom of the frame, which will enable it to close well with ease.

It measures 24mm x 52mm with bail, and 24mm x 42mm without bail.

Note: There is a hairline mark on the upper left side of the locket. This does not affect the integrity and function of the piece.

Era - Victorian c.1870-1880
Materials - 18k gold / Rose Cut Diamond / Onyx
Carat Weight - Diamond: 0.50ctw by spread
Measurements - 24mm x 52mm with bail, 24mm x 42mm without bail


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