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18K French Victorian Engraved Tassel Locket

A beautiful French Victorian c.1860-1880 tassel locket, modelled in 18k gold and hallmarked with the French eagle head hallmark for 18k gold.

The locket is intricately detailed with a myriad of fascinating features. It is delicately engraved with floral and foliate details in two tone gold, suspended on rope chain and creating a dangle and swinging effect. Last but not least, below the locket is a swinging tassel drop which further adds to the allure and beauty of this fascinating piece.

The interior of the locket houses an original glass door, which opens and closes well. It can be used to store mementos, flower petals, photographs etc. It opens and closes well, and is in great condition.

It is in wonderful and excellent condition.

It measures (including tassels and drop) 28.8mm x 73.5mm with bail, 28.8mm x 63mm without bail, and the locket itself measures 15mm x 19mm height. It weighs 11.24 grams.

Note: There is a small ding to the back of the locket, however as it is on the back it is not noticeable at all when worn.

Era - Victorian c.1860-1880
Materials - 18k gold
Measurements - Including tassels and drop: 19mm x 77mm with bail, 19mm x 70mm without bail / Locket: 14mm x 18mm height


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