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18K French Victorian Hand Gauntlet Slider Long Guard Chain 45.5"

A luxurious and finely crafted French Victorian c.1860-1880 long guard chain, with a beautiful repousse decorated slider, complete with a hand gauntlet with a swivel handle and a dog clip. It is hallmarked with the French eagle head for 18k gold.

The chain is a beautiful buttery yellow 18k gold, with the chain width at 2.15mm thickness. It is solidly constructed and in excellent condition. The dog clip attached also has a swivel mechanism.

The chain measures 45.5" long (115.57cm), and weighs 24.85 grams.

This chain is so extremely versatile, allowing you to layer charms and pendants, and can be worn long or short, with at least 5 and more different layering styles.

Era - Victorian c.1860-1880
Materials - 18k gold
Measurements - Hand Gauntlet: 11mm x 20mm height / Clasp: 4.5mm x 18mm height / Slider: 11mm x 14mm height / Chain Width: 2.15mm thickness
Length - 45.5" (approx. 115.57cm)


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