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18K French Victorian Ruby Gloved Hand Gauntlet Stick Pin

A rare and exquisite French Victorian c.1880-1890 gloved hand gauntlet stick pin. It is crafted in 18k gold, and hallmarked with the French eagle head on the pin.

This pin is one of the most beautiful renditions of hand gauntlet examples we have ever come across, with the jeweller sparing not even a space without etchings or engravings, as seen throughout the craftsmanship and construction of this gorgeous piece. The hand holds a rectangular cut ruby, approx. 0.35ctw.

The front of the hand is marked with microscopic textures, with 'scales' on the fingers and cuffs to resemble a real metal gauntlet in 3D. The reverse of the hand continues with these 'scales', with an even more impressive detail added in between the scales - Floral swirls are engraved in detailed execution and form in between the scales of the gauntlet; Truly a French masterpiece!

It measures 80mm across, and the hand gauntlet 8mm x 18mm height, and weighs 4.49 grams.

Note: The zoomed image of the hand gauntlet may look like the stick pin has been cut off, this is for illustration purposes only, the stick pin is intact and in original condition, no modifications have been made.

Era - Victorian c.1880-1890
Materials - 18k gold / Ruby
Carat Weight - Ruby: 0.35ctw
Measurements - Stick Pin: 80mm from top to bottom / Hand Gauntlet: 8mm x 18mm height

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