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18K French Victorian Sapphire & Pearl Sword Jabot Pin

A petite and versatile French Victorian c.1880-1890, 18k gold and hallmarked, jabot pin sword with its original sheath, decorated with pearls and a sapphire in the middle, approx 0.05ct.

This sword is petite at 10mm x 36mm height, but because of its small size, it is extemely versatile. It can be worn as a feature piece as a singular earring, or on a cartilage piercing, as pictured in the gallery.

The pin of the sword has a width thickness of 0.95mm, the same width thickness as a regular earring post. This allows it to be worn as a regular earring and you do not need a special piercing gauge thickness in order to wear this as a earring.

It can also be worn as a neck tie or collar pin, to give your outfit a little more personality. Additionally, it can be used as a shawl or scarf pin, by securing both sides of the scarf together.

The condition of the piece is in great condition, with beautiful articulated details on the sword's hilt.

The piece is hallmarked with the French eagle head for 18k gold on the pin. The mark seen on the front on the pin is not a dent, but the hallmark along the pin.

Note: It can be worn as a earring as the piece is 18k solid gold. Additionally, it has been sanitized and cleaned both before and after being pictured.

Era - Victorian c.1880-1890
Materials - 18k gold / Sapphire / Pearl
Carat Weight - Sapphire: 0.05ct
Measurements - 10mm x 36mm height


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