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18K French Vintage Mesh Belt Buckle Ring

A versatile and gorgeous French mid century c.1950 adjustable belt buckle ring, with mesh work detailing in 18k gold, hallmarked with the French eagle head. It functions like a real belt, that can be unfastened and fastened to several belt sizes. How cool is that?!

A timeless and classic design that can be dressed up or down, and never look out of style. It is a must-have staple in a ring lover’s collection!

It is in excellent wearable condition, measuring 82mm x 7.5mm, and weighs 7.44 grams.

The three sizes are as follows:

  • Fits like a US 6
  • Fits like a US 8
  • Fits like a US 10

It is not sizable, although it is adjustable from the three settings on the adjustable “belt buckle”.

Era - Vintage c.1950
Materials - 18k gold
Measurements - Belt: 82mm x 7.5mm
Size - Belt Buckle on First Setting: Fits like a US 6 / Second Setting: Fits like a US 8 / Third Setting: Fits like a US 10

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