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18K French Georgian Blue Enamel Floral Poison Ring

A breathtaking Georgian c.1820-1830 blue enamel poison ring with a hidden compartment, hallmarked with the French ram head for 18k gold.

It is an absolute rare ring and one of a kind, featuring intricate floral and foliate work surrounding the ring. The ring came to us with its enamel around the ring badly worn out, and it is now expertly restored and is just gorgeous.

The term 'poison ring' is derived from its hidden compartment, which opens up to reveal a secret compartment. It is remarkably rare to see one in such amazing condition.

It is a US 12.25 and not sizable, and might have been a gentleman's ring, or a ring worn atop a glove. It weighs 2.69 grams.

This is a rare and collectible piece of history that is in excellent condition and would make a perfect gift for yourself or your partner.

Era - Georgian c.1820-1830
Materials - 18k gold / Enamel
Size - US 12.25 not sizable


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