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18K Georgian/Victorian Child Portrait Ring

A gorgeous and sweet late Georgian to early Victorian c.1830-1840 child portrait ring. The ring features a glass locket panel at the back which opens and closes like a door.

The portrait is of a sweet and innocent child's face.

The advantage of a locket ring is that periodically, you may choose to remove the portrait inside and store it safely in an archival-safe pouch, and replace it with your own contents.

The ring face measures 16mm x 22mm height, and the locket compartment measures 10.6mm x 15mm height. It weighs 2.74 grams.

It is currently a US 5 and sizable.

Note: The ring's band consists of two different patterns on the left and right side, blending together in the middle. We have consulted with our jeweller and it is in his opinion that this ring is an original piece and intentionally made like this (with two different band patterns).

Era - Georgian to Victorian c.1830-1840
Materials - 18k gold
Measurements - Ring Face: 16mm x 22mm height / Locket Size: 10.6mm x 15mm height
Size - US 5 and sizable
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