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18K Italian Victorian Micromosaic Dove Pendant

An absolute splendid example of antique Italian Victorian era c.1860-1880 micromosaic art. This is a wonderful depiction of a pair of doves in mid-flight, exchanging stems of roses from a basket of flowers. Surrounding the scene, is a garland of tulips all around, contrasted with a black tiled background. Additionally, there are 4 points of stars, on the North, South, East & West markers, as if to mark a sense of direction so one would not get lost, and will be able to find their way home.

In that era, there was an Etruscan revival movement in Italy, which explains the Etruscan revival influences seen in the style of this brooch, with the rope detailing framing the Micromosaic art.

It was a brooch and has been beautifully converted into a wearable pendant. It measures 32mm across without bail.

What is a Micromosaic?
Micromosaics are created from tiny fragments of tesserae, generally made from glass or enamel, set to form small pictures. To read & learn more about the history and painstaking process of creating a micromosaic piece, click here for a page written by Lang Antiques.

Era - Victorian c.1860-1880
Materials - 18k gold / Micromosaic
Measurements - 32mm across without bail


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