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18K & Silver Georgian Diamond Bristol Blue Bague Au Firmament Ring

A gorgeous and outstanding Georgian c.1820-1830 bristol blue glass, “Bague au Firmament” ring, modelled in 18k gold and silver.

Such 'Bague au Firmament rings', are also known as "Ring of the Heavens".

It's incredible sentiment and meaning, where the diamonds represent the stars in the sky, and the blue represents the night sky. Queen Marie Antoinette of France, was known to have worn her Bague au Firmament ring everyday, and it quickly became very fashionable in the late 18th to early 19th century.

In the picture gallery you can see a painting of Marie Antoinette with her children, c.1785, painted by Adolf Ulrik Wertmüller - In the painting, she is seen wearing her cherished 'Bague au Firmament' ring.

The ring is extremely stunning, with chased repousse detailing all around the ring shank, and a detailed triple-forked shoulders on the sides of the ring. It is a US 5 and non-sizeable.

The ring features a middle cluster with pinch collet settings, with foiled rose cut diamonds approx. 0.70ctw by spread.

The ring face measures 14mm x 23mm height, not including the ring shoulders. It weighs 7.10 grams.

It is in stunning and great condition, with no scratches or wear to the bristol blue glass.

Note: Please note that as the diamonds are foiled, it is advisable that the piece does not get wet or exposed to water. It can be gently cleaned by wiping it down with a wrung out damp cloth.

Era - Georgian c.1820-1830
Materials - 18k gold and silver / Rose Cut Diamond / Bristol Blue Glass
Carat Weight - Diamond: 0.70ctw by spread
Measurements - Ring Face: 14mm x 23mm height
Size - US 5 not sizable


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