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18K & Silver Victorian Diamond Floral Star Ring

A one of a kind large Victorian c.1880-1890, floral star ring set with a mixture of old European cut diamonds and old mine cut diamonds approx. 4.25ctw in weight. It is modelled in 18k gold & silver, and the star shape is a delightful and unique variety of star: Pointed tips are alternated with tulip flowers.

The Victorian star was a brooch, and has been converted expertly into an amazing stunner statement ring, with a custom, handmade raised gallery and the ring sits comfortably and slightly raised on the finger - so that when the ring is worn, the star’s edges does not cause irritation to the surrounding fingers. Additionally, the position of the gallery wires have been strategically placed so that it remains concealed behind the tips of the stars when worn.

It is extremely hard to find antique diamond stars that would make perfect candidates for conversion into rings. Some are too large, some are too flat; It has to be a perfect combination of size and angle in which the star is curved slightly downward in order to be able to fit a gallery profile so that it can be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to wear as a ring. This particular piece is that perfect candidate and the conversion has been executed masterfully.

The band is matched perfectly to the gold tone of the star, and is hallmarked 750 on the inner band for 18k gold. It is currently a US 8 and sizable.

The star measures approximately 28mm tip to tip across.

Era - Victorian c.1880
Materials - 18k gold and silver / Old European Cut Diamond / Old Mine Cut Diamond
Carat Weight - Diamond: 4.25ctw
Measurements - Star: 28mm across
Size - US 8 and sizable
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