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18K & Silver Victorian Diamond & Pearl Arrow Eternity Ring

A very unique Victorian c.1890-1900 arrow ring, modelled in 18k gold & silver.

The ring features an eternity diamond band with single cut diamonds all around, and an arrow in the middle set with rose cut diamonds and a pearl in the middle.

Ancient Romans believed that the fourth finger held a vein that connected directly to the heart. We believe that the ring size, a US 5.25, would have been worn on the ring finger, and the symbolism of the arrow worn on the ring finger might have been for love to shoot straight to the heart - An incredible and loving symbol!

The arrow measures 5mm x 23mm height, and it is not soldered on top of the band. The arrow goes through the eternity band seamlessly, and we believe that this is an original ring and not a conversion piece.

It weighs 2.97 grams.

Era - Victorian c.1890-1900
Materials - 18k gold and silver / Rose Cut Diamond / Pearl
Carat Weight - Diamond: 0.62ctw by spread
Measurements - Arrow: 5mm x 23mm height
Size - US 5.25 not sizable


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