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18K & Silver Victorian Sapphire Onyx Brooch

A beautiful Victorian c.1860-1880 onyx brooch, modelled in 18k gold & silver.

The brooch is a lovely oval shape, set with a gorgeous Mozambique blue sapphire approx. 0.53ctw that we have specially set into this Victorian era brooch. The back and pin is entirely in 18k gold, and the prongs holding the sapphire are silver.

It is a wonderful brooch that would be great to use as a scarf or blazer pin, and is versatile from day to night. It is in great condition.

It measures 34mm x 32mm height, weighs 11.35 grams.

Era - Victorian c.1860-1880
Materials - 18k gold and silver / Sapphire / Onyx
Carat Weight - Sapphire: 0.53ctw
Measurements - 34mm x 32mm height


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