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18K Victorian Sardonyx Monogram AS/SA Locket

An outstanding Victorian c.1860-1880 sardonyx (onyx with a white top) monogram "AS/SA" locket, modelled in 18k gold.

It is set with the most beautiful two-toned agate, with black and white bands in the carved monogram, detailed with rope detailing on both sides of the locket.

The locket opens and closes well, and the interior of the locket can be used to restore precious photographs, portraits, or mementos. The locket is sourced from France, it is unmarked but likely French in origin due to the design and shape of the locket. There is an extremely faint line at the corner of the locket on the back, this is not noticeable unless looking from an angle. (Please see 360 degree video provided). The front is in excellent condition.

It measures 23mm x 40mm with bail, 23mm x 29mm without bail, and weighs 7.70 grams.

Era - Victorian c.1860-1880
Materials - 18k gold / Sardonyx
Measurements - 23mm x 40mm with bail, 23mm x 29mm without bail

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