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18K Victorian Scenic Enamel Watch Chain with Clips

A breathtaking Victorian c.1850-1860 enamel watch chain, modelled in 18k gold with 4 clips.

The chain has two enamel stations featuring gorgeous artwork of a sunset, the open sea, with sail boats in the background and a house by the shore. Guilloche enamel is applied where the sky is, to resemble the rays of the sunset. It is masterfully painted with great detail. Both sides are enamelled, and each side has slightly different artwork with a similar sunset theme.

In Victorian era, it would have been used as a watch chain to secure and attach pocket watches, fobs, seals, and other charms on the chain. Today, it can be used as a chain extender, or layered with other necklaces for different looks.

It comes with four dog clips, which opens and closes by unscrewing it, to attach a watch, pendant or charm. Each clip is further detailed with pale blue and white enamel.

This is a one of a kind chain that is in excellent condition.

It measures 9" long, and weighs 16.51 grams.

Era - Victorian c.1850-1860
Materials - 18k gold / Enamel
Length - 9"

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