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18K Victorian Watch Chain 16.5"

A wonderful and unique Victorian c.1880-1890 watch chain, modelled in 18k gold, and beautifully displayed in a double row with interconnected links. These links makes this chain very special and unique.

The tone of the 18k gold is not yellow gold, but has a slight tinge of rose to it. It is not rose gold, but is more of a yellow gold with a slight rose tone.

Measuring at 16.5", it allows for more room as watch chains are often in the 13" to 15" lengths, it is always hard to find something 16" and longer. It weighs 15.60 grams.

This would make an important and excellent addition to a watch chain collection.

Era - Victorian c.1880-1890
Materials - 18k gold
Length - 16.5"


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