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9K Victorian Carnelian Snake "Mary" Fob Pendant & Split Ring

A beautiful petite Victorian c.1840-1850 entwined snake carnelian fob pendant, crafted in 9k gold.

The fob has an imprint of "Mary" carved on carnelian, which would have been used for wax seals for letters and private correspondences.

It is beautifully detailed with cross-hatched engravings to mimic a snake's scales, as well as a Greek key pattern on the base of the fob. Under the snake's body, where the middle of the fob is, has a floral engraving pattern in the center which really adds to the beauty of the fob.

It measures a petite 15mm x 24mm height, originally worn on the end of a lady's chatelaine, lorgnette or watch chain, which would have allowed her to use it in her travels on the go. Today, this small size allows for this fob to be perfect as a daily pendant.

Additionally, this piece comes with an original split ring, which can be detached and used separately from the piece. Two for the price of one!

It is in wonderful condition and weighs 3.65 grams.

Era - Victorian c.1840-1850
Materials - 9k gold / Carnelian
Measurements - 15mm x 24mm height


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