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9K Victorian Monogram RH/HR Intaglio Ring

A stunning Victorian c.1890 monogram "RH/HR" intaglio ring, modelled in 9k (9ct) gold and carved on an onyx.

This intaglio ring doubles up as beautiful jewellery and also could be used as a wax seal for important documents and letters.

It is framed in a wonderful ring setting, with cut out holes in the band and matching bold shoulders, a really unique design.

It is a US 8.25 and not sizable due to its unique band pattern.

The ring face measures 10.5mm x 15mm height, and weighs 3.90 grams.

Era - Victorian c.1890
Materials - 9k gold / Onyx
Measurements - Ring Face: 10.5mm x 15mm height
Size - US 8.25 not sizable

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