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French Victorian Embroidered Silk Tufted Silk Box (Mint Green)

A gorgeous French Victorian c.1880-1890 straw basket box with the most stunning of embroidered silk and adorable pom pom tassels on the top and sides.

This is such an interesting and unique design, and made even more special with the delightful mint green shade of silk. There is a combination of lovely pastel colours: mint green, sunshine yellow, raspberry pink that really makes the box stand out.

The embroidery on the top featured flowers and vines intertwined, and the embroidery continues and wraps around the box.

The interior of the box is a mint green tufted silk that is in fabulous condition, contrasted with yellow silk buttons - all original to the box.

The front of the box has a leather tab and hook which can fit a small lock in the front to lock up your valuables with it. Overall a wonderful collectible box with a unique construction and design that truly encapsulates antique cottage vibes.

Era - Victorian c.1880-1890
Materials - Woven Straw / Fabric / Silk
Measurements - 7" x 7" x 4" height
Weight - 339 grams


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