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Victorian Rolled Gold Fox Brooch

A sweet English Victorian fox brooch c.1890-1900 in rolled gold, hallmarked 'Rolled Gold' - Rolled Gold is 100 times thicker than Gold Plate. This is a very well made example of rolled gold jewellery that is finely detailed.

What is Rolled Gold?
From 19th century England, an alternative to plated gold, brought about the creation of rolled gold. It soon became extremely popular with growing middle classes, who wanted the look of gold jewellery, but less than a fraction of the cost. This involved coating a thick layer of solid gold (minimal 1/10th of the item's weight) around the base metal. The result was that it would be much more wearing and lasting as the gold would not wear off, and unlike plated gold, where where it is a very thin layer plated on (at least 100 times difference). This makes rolled gold jewellery excellent pieces that would last for generations if proper care is taken.

Era - Victorian c.1890-1900
Materials - Rolled gold
Measurements -  Fox: 25mm x 4mm / Brooch Length: 50m


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